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The Rivers State Tourism Development Agency (RSTDA)

is an agency of the Government of Rivers State in Nigeria, responsible for promoting and improving sustainable tourism development in the state, with the vision to transform the natural resources, cultural heritage and traditional hospitality of Rivers State into a globally recognized tourist attraction

With N100 billion economic stimulus, Yibo Koko set to transform Rivers’ tourism landscape.

Ostensibly, the Niger Delta question has moved from the rhetoric and is gradually assuming historic proportions. There are enlightening high points at every turn; from the days of Justice Udo Udoma, who championed the COR (Calabar Ogoja Rivers) State Movement, to the armed struggle of Major Isaac Adaka Boro and the massive mobilisation launched by Ken Saro-Wiwa.




The Low-Hanging Fruits is an initiative of the Rivers State Tourism Development Agency (RSTDA) under the watch of Mr. Yibo Koko as Director-General of the agency.
Primarily, the purpose of the initiative amongst others is to, first of all, justify the objective of the Director-General which is having a seamless collaboration aimed at mobilizing the creative community in the Rivers state toward having a buy-in into the tourism sector in the state and engender a renewed understanding of tourism and its development. The Low-Hanging Fruits initiative is a practical and theoretical approach geared toward mass participation of the citizenry in the development of tourism and its various facets; in terms of sights, sites, and sounds. So, citizens have an opportunity to make contributions through photography, videography, myth and legends, art and craft, etc, contest. This approach covers the broad spectrum of tourism assets which the agency in turn converts into bankable assets within the space of the Creative Economy. 
Ultimately, the efforts and contributors are incentivized through a contest format. The agency’s pilot scheme resulted in a collaboration with the Dubai Tourism for Commerce and Marketing (DTCM) in 2021 where three fine/graffiti artists emerged winners in the arts/craft competition and embarked on a week-long all-expense paid trip to Dubai. As a follow-up to that milestone, the artists are preparing for an art exhibition of their original works in December 2022 in the city of Port Harcourt.
The Low-Hanging Fruits initiative by RSTDA allows the citizenry to know the tourism assets that abound in their communities and the state, creating healthy competition amongst the creatives in the state whilst creating a platform for their creative expression.


Therefore this is an open call to VIDEOGRAPHERS, PHOTOGRAPHERS,  up and coming COMEDIANS in Rivers State to Register on the Rivers State Tourism Development Agency’s platform for further instructions. Propagating  good stories via pictures and Videos as well as rejigging the Comedy Industry in Rivers State is one of the low hanging priority of the Agency. learn more…….  

Port Harcourt City Creatives Hangout

RSTDA held its first Creative Hangout for stakeholders within the Tourism and the creative space


Objective: To promote Rivers State musical talents

Port Harcourt Language

The Port Harcourt Language is the social lingua franca peculiar to the port harcourt people and adopted by other Niger Delta Area.
Example: Lap means Come ...

Port Harcourt Annexes Dubai

RSTDA, in partnership Dubai Tourism has unveiled the winners of the 2020 Graphic

Heritage Stories


Discover how The great Ancestors Paddles and survived accross the Perilous sea....


These masquerades and Fearful , yet they are as friendly as a friend

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